StakeKings.com Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive

What is StakeKings? StakeKings is a site that allows you to purchase “Stakes” or “Pieces” in some of the world’s best poker players. This entitles you to a certain % of the winnings the player receives.

Is StakeKings safe? We get this question a lot and it’s understandable. There have been many events in Poker’s history that have caused people to be leary of trying new things. For many of us here at SK, Black Friday is still all too fresh in our memories. That’s why when we started SK, we wanted to build a platform based on transparency and the trust of the community. All of the players on our platform are under contract and are trusted within the Poker community. There are too many horror stories of players hitting big and not paying their backers. We can safely say that will never happen here on SK. With over $20 Million in tournament winnings to date, we have never had an issue with a player not paying their backers.

How do I make a Deposit? StakeKings has multiple deposit options to make getting a piece of the action very easy. Our current deposit options are Credit or Debit Card, Bitcoin, PokerStars and Americas Cardroom. We are always working to make more options available, so this list may change.

-----Credit/Debit- This is the fastest available deposit option. Assuming your purchase is approved by your bank or card issuer, the funds become available instantly in your cashier. ***If you do not receive an email receipt and do not see the funds in your cashier, the transaction was most likely blocked by your bank. When this occurs, you will need to contact your bank and verify the transaction and then try again.

-----Bitcoin- Funds are normally available within 15-30 minutes depending on the processing time for the Blockchain.

-----PokerStars/Americas Cardroom- When using these options, you will need to follow the transfer instructions shown. This is not automatic and you will need to make the transfer manually on the site you choose. Once done, you will see a pending deposit on your account. Once we confirm the transfer has been received, the funds will become available in your account and you’ll be able to start purchasing action.

What is Markup? Markup is the premium or fee that a player charges for having them play an event. Similar to the way any other skilled professional charges for their services. There are many factors that go into the calculation of this fee including field size, field difficulty, buy-in amount, estimated prizepool, etc. Markup is a percentage(%) displayed as a decimal. Example: if a player is selling at 1.25 Markup, that would be 25%. If a player is selling for a $100 buyin event, a 1% piece at no markup(1.00) would cost the buyer $1. This same piece at a 1.25 markup would cost $1.25.

What is a Fixed Package? Fixed packages can be identified in the marketplace by this icon: Fixed Icon.PNGFixed packages are what most users are familiar with when it comes to staking. You enter in the amount($) you wish to spend and purchase a percentage(%) based on the amount spend. With these packages, the more you spend, the larger the piece(%) you will have of that package and any winnings associated with that package.
***Payment for fixed packages is processed immediately upon making the purchase and the funds are removed from your cashier.

How do Auction packages work? Auction packages can be identified in the marketplace by this icon: Auction Icon.PNGAuctions are slightly different than the Fixed Packages. With auctions, the bid you are placing is the Markup you’re willing to pay for a piece of that package. The size(%) of the piece will vary from package to package. The higher you bid, the more expensive the piece will be, but it’s more likely your bid will win and you will receive a piece of the package. A lower bid will be less likely to win, but also cost less. With auctions, if you’re looking to have a larger piece(%) of the package, you’re welcome to place multiple bids and win multiple pieces of the package. Make sure you only place bids that you intend on paying for and that you have the funds in your account at the close of the auction to cover the cost of your bids.

Where can I see results from the action I’ve purchased? You can see any winnings and refunds for packages you have purchased in the MY DASHBOARD section of the Marketplace. It can take up to 24 hours for results to be displayed.

When will I receive my winnings? Winnings are processed as quickly as possible, but can take up to 24 hours to be processed for online tournaments and up to 72 hours for live tournaments. If a player has multiple events listed in a package, winnings are processed once all events have finished.

What happens if a player doesn’t play an event? If a player decides to skip an event that was sold or the event is cancelled, you will receive a full refund for your purchase. Refunds are processed as quickly as possible, but can take up to 24 hours from the time the player finishes their last event for a given day.

How do I make a withdrawal? We have multiple options when it’s time to make a withdrawal. The current options are PayPal, America’s Cardroom and PokerStars. We are always looking to add new options, so these may change from time to time. You can always see the most current options by going into your cashier and selecting withdrawal. All withdrawals are processed as quickly as possible, but can take up to 48 hours in some cases. During high volume times of the year(SCOOP, WCOOP, WSOP) it might take slightly longer depending on the demand we are experiencing. Should this happen, we will always message you to inform you of the delay and a timeframe of when you can expect to see your withdrawal processed.

If you still have questions that aren't answered above, feel free to shoot us a message in Live Chat. Just click on the Blue Chat icon in the lower right of the site. We are always happy to help.